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Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Thursday, October 20, 2016
Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

The WordPress platform itself was originally designed with blogging in mind, making it an ideal choice for any personal or commercial blog. Even though users can select from many free blogging themes that will provide the general layout and functionality of their blog, investing in a professionally-designed blog theme is highly recommended for those who expect to receive a large number of visitors or who use their blog for business purposes.

WordPress blog themes take full advantage of the platform’s power and versatility, enabling the blog owner to have a web presence that looks just like they want it to. Examples of the best WordPress themes for blogs include:


This theme is a top choice for webmasters who want their blog to have a magazine or newspaper style. It can also be used for blogs centered around product or service reviews, as well as viral content sharing.


One of the most popular themes for those who just want to show themselves to the world. Uses a clean and simple style, combined with easy management features at the back end that make blog maintenance and updates very straightforward.


A versatile and powerful multipurpose theme perfect for personal and home-based online business blogs. Works particularly well for art, photography, travel and leisure, technology, fashion and food blogs.